Crush Expresses Thoughts on Popularity After ‘Goblin’ OST Release

[LOOK BACK] Artist Crush gave his honest thoughts on his popularity following the release of his song “Beautiful”, which was a soundtrack of hit 2016 drama “Goblin”.

“The song really received a lot of love,” he said, “When it reached #1 on music charts, I felt that I had ‘crossed over’ in popularity.”

“A lot of people congratulated me when the song hit #1,” he added, “I was really happy, but I also felt a little bittersweet.”

Crush explained that wherever he went, people would ask about his song “Beautiful”, which he admitted was a song that was quite different from his preferred style of music.

The Original Soundtrack of “Goblin” was one of the, if not the most, popular drama OSTs of 2016. “Beautiful” alone sold over 1.7 million copies, and enjoyed immense popularity even after “Goblin” ended

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