Kim Young Woo

26 Years Old

Hair Stylist/Designer

Hair Styling makes you look cool and adorable! This oppa’s business is a hair barber shop based in South Korea helping men and women look and feel beautiful every day.

How can you not fall in love with this look?

His perfect aura looks good on him!

Awesome right? If you want to look cool by your hairstyle you wanna check it out some of his hairstyle. For anyone looking for inspiration types of hairstyles or just interested in keeping up with the latest hair trends, be sure to check out his business this is just some of his haircut works.

How can you not fall in love with this looks?

From the well-styled hair, the pore less skin
to the perfect body proportion
the high-bridged nose, the chiseled jawline,

Koreans are known worldwide for being particular about how they look and how they present themselves. Their 10-step skincare routine has even become extremely popular globally adding a nice hairstyle would really fit the good look you’re looking for!

Here’s more awesome photos of him …

Drooling!! ^___^ Not just a perfect face but a perfect body for this oppa too! Interesting! In case you didn’t know, “oppa” is a term which was originally used by South Korean women to refer to their older brothers but has now come to be associated to someone’s romantic and idolized term interest as well.

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