You will fall in love with this Korean Model who rocks the runaway! Check it out!


He’s a freelance model from South Korea. Did you notice that korean standard of good looking people looks really charming? Like it’s not so manly at all unlike western people face with mustache, beard and etc.

Take a look a this beautiful face

Korean men are fit, attractive, and dress fashionably. Much like other aspects of Korean culture, Korean fashion is growing in popularity and at the forefront of this wave are the Korean models (and the attractive Korean male models).

On top of that, the international fashion scene is showing an increased appreciation for Asian models. At home or abroad, Korean models are making great achievements like him who has a lot of projects in the making. ^_^


Nice pose right?! Did you know that Korea has modeling academies and Korean models undergo meticulous training in every aspect of their career. It’s no surprise so many Korean models are appearing on international runways.


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